Engine cleaning in York

Improve your engines performance and lifespan with Terra Clean

The build up of carbon deposits reduces efficiency and shortens the life of your engine. Regular cleaning and removal of these deposits prolongs the life of your vehicle and helps it perform at its optimum and reduce the running costs.

Paul Garland Garage have recently invested in the TerraClean advanced cleaning system. This state of the art cleaning process will regain your car and vans performance, restore the MPG, and reduce emissions.

The unique TerraClean cleaning system, removes most of the carbon deposits from your engine reducing your emissions. Not only that, you will see a noticeable improvement in performance. The removal of the carbon deposits will immediately influence the performance of your engine and fuel economy.

What can you expect from a TerraClean Service?

  • Regain vehicle performance
  • Restore Fuel Economy
  • Smooth idle by increasing lambda efficiency
  • Give immediate drive-away difference
  • Save on costly repairs by prolonging component life.

If you are interested in booking you car in for a TerraClean call our team today and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

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“After approximately 1 hour of the car engine being coupled to your hi-tech machine I was let loose to see if there was any difference, the results were staggering! There were marked improvements in throttle response, engine note, driveability and more important MPG!”

R.T. Forsyth